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We’re a global collective of creators, innovators and troublemakers – all looking to do things smarter, faster and better.

The Better way to collaborate

All great things start with ideas. All things that seem impossible aren’t. This emerging global collective of firestarters is out to rethink and remake how business and social enterprise gets done.

Emanuelsson Mats
Open, Challenging, Persistent
Stefan Lindegaard
Transform or die
Jeremy Stone
Maven, Traveller, Legacy
Ivo Lamers
Explorer, Ideator, Coach
Nathan Kinch
Inquisitive, Ruthless, Exponential
Drew Bryan
Creator, Cosmopolite, Connector
Violeta Paz
Enterprising, Outgoing, Dynamic
Zeynin Juma
Innovative, Happy, Problem-solver
Suzanne West
Potentiality, Intuitive, Undeterred
Hildy Gottlieb
Social Scientist, Boundry Pusher
Sarah Lang
I love community
Dean Anderson
Open, Nurturing, Collaborative
Lewis Horne
Kristian Roberts
Learner, Thinker, Doer
Jim Woods
Failure-embracing, Innovative, Purpose driven
Tom Kealey
Curious, Alive, OPTIMIST
Kanchana Moodliar
True, Creator, Courageous
Lucy Gray
Weird, Ambitious, Fun
Camilla Gilbro
Creative, Reliable, Curious
Vicki Saunders
Radical, Generous, Creative
Louise Barnard
Open, Curious, Connector
Michael Townsend Williams
Calm, Thoughtful, Guide
Yun Mi Antorini
Better together
Roland Harwood
Compulsive Connector, 100%Open
Becky Walker
Curious, Ambitious, Dreamer
James Jensen
Klaatu Barada Nikto
Gianni Fior
Just be happy
Roy Brooks
Restless, Multidisciplinarian, Cooperator
Stefano Nicoletti
Curious, Empathetic, Energetic
Tom Adams
Morten Dalgaard-thestrup
Enthusiastic, Curious, Caring
Doctor Cassama
Servant, Growth Mindset, Faith
Shelley Kuipers
Leader, Listener, Builder
Mark Simpkins
Creative, Inclusive, Critical
Salhi Dahak Touria
Connector, Cultural maker, Communicator
Maite de Jesus
Team work, Humble, Leadership
Sartaj Anand
Futurist, Global citizen, Radical optimist
Garth Rowan
Understand another position
Frank Schuil
Moon-aimer, Thinker, Do-er
John Kellden
Think, Relate, Cocreate
Christina Brennan
Creative, Researcher-storyteller, Learner
James Qualtrough
Creative, Collaborative, Ambitious
Matt Langdon
Hero-Trainer, Traveler, Father
Jodi Bagyinka
Funny, Loyal, Creative
Niels Jepsen
Make it happen
Lori Webb
Enthusiastic, Engaging, Entrepreneurial
Colleen Lewis
Trailblazer, Instigator, Dreamer
Jeremy Basset
Startup, Innovation, Australian
Marissa Hewitt
Interested, Relaxed, Adventurous
Al Kennedy
Design for life
Ross Dawson
Create the future
David Degbor
Innovative, Passionate, Determined
Jordan Eshpeter
Curious, forward-thinking
Mark Rogers
Entrepreneur, Playful, Dad
Emily Bolton
Outgoing, Creative, Awkward
Alison Callaway
Passionate, Brave, Curious
Pat Montani
Creative, Entrepreneurial, Determined
Inspired, Passionate, Courageous
Matthew Bailey
Always looking forward
Dave Tex Smith
Empathic, Conceptual, Tenacious
Thomas Gärtner
Impact first, Social crowd, Newlywed
James Tattersfield
Curious, Digital, Tall
Kate Rushton
InquisItive, Inventive, Explorer
Sam Mbale
Entrepreneur, Developer, Humanitarian
Catherine Frisemo
Courageous, Cebra, Explorer
Rebecca Koss
Passionate, Proactive, Inclusive
Andy Middleton
Creative, Epic, Connector
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Foodie
Sarah Newton
Crazy, Rebellious, Unconventional
Emi Kolawole
Writer, Maker, Shipper
Chuck Pezeshki
Empathy, Validity, Metacognition
Jordan Cooper
Freethinking, Determined, Chatty
Mitch Resnick
Inspired by kindergarten
Sam Parotto
Tenacious, Inspired, Fierce
Mats Weidmar
Coach, Entrepreneur, Father
Dr Mary Hardwick
Energetic, Enthusiastic, Empathetic
Kat Gordon
Diversity = Creativity
Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard
All together now
Munira Begmuratova
Kind, Ambitious, Explorer
Bo Stjerne Thomsen
Play, Make, Share
Dominique Jaurola
Curious, Humanity first, Join-the-dots
Kristian Agerbo
Curious, Engaged, Enthusiastic
Amelia Hendra
Designer, Educator, Indonesian
Eric Frothingham
Creative, Connector, Contrarian
Peter Vander Auwera
Thinker, Creator, Sensemaker
Robin T. Sverd
Design adaptive cultures
Jabir Walji
Strategic Artist, Futurist, TRIZ/SI Practitioner
Giuseppe Boscherini
Wide-eyed, Loud-mouthed, Open-eared
Mariken Gaanderse
Connector, Social impact, Impact startups
Virginia Bisconti
Curious, Adaptable, Spontaneous
Sandra Moffatt
Change-maker, Free-thinker, Dreamer
Chantelle Little
Leader, Enterprising, UNCONVENTIONAL
Joan Lockwood
Energetic, Connected, Rebellious
Kelley Styring
Savvy, Curious, Creative
Trine Balle Jensen
I am a rebel
Creative, Caring, Committed
Daiva Staneikaite Naldal
Passionate, Co-creation
Troels Plenge
Ambitious, Visionary, Collaborating
Inma V.P.
Curiosity, Social, Connector
Rob Dawson
Inspiring tranformation
Daiana Fobian Nielsen
Collaboration evolves innovation
Jason Holley
Restless, Challenger, Truth-seeker
Steen Videbeck
Innovation, Education, Play
Mark Shayler
Honest, Funny, Left-field
Femke van Loon
Generous, Imagineer, Doer
Soren K. Poder
Creative, Analytical, Visionary
Lesley Jennings
Passionate, Creative, Thinker
Kevin Jones
Convener, Ideas, Experienced
Jennifer Sertl
Wisdom, Insight, Congruence
Peter Berggren
People, Passion, Products
Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe
Open-hearted, SteadFast, JoyFUL
Matt Stanley
Curious, Purposeful, Connector
Brooke Campbell
Inspiration through collaboration
Steve Jennings
Rebel, Futurist, Purpose
Justine Clement
Curious, Adventurous, Collaborative
Tim Courtney
Builder, Learner, Aviator
Pedro Gaspar Fernandes
Neo-generalist, Go-getter, Catalyst
Ron Cann
Ideas, Creative, Friendly
Amy Carol Wolff
Bold, Authentic, Joy
Larissa Vergani
Curious, Innovative, Creative
Savana Radley
Polymath, Curious, Generous
Ven Gist
Designer, Founder, Collaborator
Nick Kellet
Creative, Risk-taking, Entrepreneur
Clara Koh
Explorer, Curiosity, Untamed
Balázs Suhajda
Curious, Self-improving, Builder
Stephanie Madsen
Organized, Creative, International
Merlin Smethurst
Reflective, Methodical, Open-minded
Anne McCrossan
Catalyst, Connected, Visceral
Natacha Morsa
Passionate, Persevering, Empathetic
John M. Rouse
Teacher-Coach, Enabler-Encourager, Energizer bunny
Staci J. Shelton
Creator, Curator, Caring
Joy Monsma
Tenacious, Energizer bunny, Creative
Gunther Sonnenfeld
Polymathic, Experimental, Eco-minded
Gaye Wolfson
Intuitive, Connected, Empathetic
Karin Johansson-Max
Collaborative, Sustainable
Chris Hunt
Solving challenging problems
Craig Catlow
Collaborator, Motivator, Dreamer of dreams
John Hagel
Passionate, Explorer, Edge-dweller
Cecilia Weckstrom
Curious, Creative, Collaborator
Eric Lynn
Change, Uncategorisable, Questions
Teodora Staneva
Enthusiastic, Helpful, Determined
Dina Grskovich
Collaborative, Curious, Resourceful
Richard Scobey
Learning, Focused, Collaborative
Denise C Lane
Charismatic, Witty, Perspicacious
Gio Ledda
To the stars
Lieve Vereycken
Curious, Passion, Own your own data
Adolfo Perez
Creative, Positive, Assertive
Natalie Godfrey
Free thinker, Detective, Change agent
Jason Mathis
Laugh, Play, Create
Erik Starck
Growth, Lean, Seeker
Dolapo Otegbayi
Determined, Passionate, Goal Getter
Andy Foster
Optimistic, Frustrated, Dogged
Mattias Ask
People, Ideas, Technology
Passionate, Entrepreneurial, Analytical
Teresa Belmar
Passion, Connecting, Creating
Sean Moffit
Digital, Guide, Future
Daren Forsyth
Inspiring, Honest, Real
Aaron Bhawan
Grit, Grind, Hustle
Katryna Dow
Passionate, Resilient, Courageous
Mark Roth
Collaborative, Technologist, DoGooder
Carmel McQuaid
Curious, Irish, RESTLESS
Jeff Macdonald
Optimistic, Curious, Restless
Durga Das
Passionate, Balanced, Out of the box thinker
Christopher Nurko
Creativity inspires optimism
Tormod Askildsen
Participation = More Value
Ted Rubin
Social, Smile, Evolve
Mark Miller
Empowerment drives performance
Janet Kroes
More = Merrier
Jonathan Macdonald
Visionary, Philosopher, Human
Andrew Nachison
Collaborative, Open, Creative
Wendy Gorton
Adventurous, Creative, Driven
Olivier Blanchard
Inquisitive, Imaginative, Misfit
Mike Barnlund
Listen, Create, Learn, Repeat
Tony Lopez
DIY, Family man, Sports enthusiast
Sandja Brügmann
Passionate, Entrepreneurial, Crazy :)
Simon C Rogers
Salesman, European, Software
David Cabanban
Benevolent, Connector, Resilient
Nha Ha
Thoughtful, Versatile, Resourceful
Bjorn Broby Glavind
Happy, Hearty, Hustle
Resilient, Genuine, Open
Philip Leonard
Wilderness, Future, Generations
David Wilcox
Purpose, Patience, Clarity
Joey St-Aubin
Determined, Creative, Leader
Creative, Savvy, Tech
Maurice Flynn
Friendly, Fun, Scientific
Helene Vogelmann
Caring, Sharing, New Worlds
Kirby Logan
Positive, Passionate, Enthusiastic
Mark Johnson
Creative, Collaborative, Inventive
Erin Liman
Curious, Strategic, Catalyst
Jeff Olson
Lifestyle, Leadership, Enterprise
Ross Nicholson
Determined, Collaborative, Positive
Daniel Beaulieu
Creative, Alive, Purposeful
Alex Watson
Call the crowd
Peter Burgess
Educated, Experienced, Analytical
Marisol Matiz
Creative, Honest, Introspective
Sarah Zargarpour
Passion, Drive, Energy
Christophe Fauconnier
Humanizer, Fire starter, Well adapted misfit
Daniela Haug
Problem-solver, Expolorative, COLLABORATIVE
Richard Einarson
Trust is currency.
Carl Jennings
Selfless, Overachiever, Courageous


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