Our team

Start your day right
With porridge, Steve's favourite thing to eat
Thrash to some folk metal
That's Gio's specialty
Somebody here needs another cider
Probably Shelley
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Bikes, Taxis & Footpaths
Can we kick it?
Yes we can
Go for a walk in the woods
That's where the ideas are
I love you
In a work-appropriate way
Grab your yoga mat
We're going to plank together
All around the world
We gotta spread the word
Are you father and son?
May the force be with you.
Get a board room
but leave the door open
Un- employable
But amazing
The midnight hand-off
From North America to Europe
Create the moment
to make it happen
Without coffee
We're doomed



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The Better Participation Movement is a chance to work and hang out with people who believe that in business and in life, together we are better. Expect global gatherings, an online collaboration space, and the chance to share your story.

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