Our clients and partners are looking to find new ways to tap into the enormous economic and social potential of our interconnected world. The Better Participation Agency conceives and crafts the participation business models that help them create mutual value with their fans, consumers and employees.

Our agency team is a wildly eclectic mix of strategists, designers, writers, developers and other creative types. They’ve helped bring participation to some of the most amazing brands in the world. Is yours next?

  • Participation
    business models

    These are customized but scalable experiences proven to deliver significant commercial and social impact for brands. They include both digital and analog elements. Each can be delivered on its own or with others to create integrated, ongoing participation ecosystems for modern or modernizing brands.

  • Brand activism
    & movement

    Create your brand’s authentic social mission with help from your stakeholders, employees and consumers. Activate your followers to amplify your brand’s reach and purpose. Build strong connections and affinity with everyone in your brand orbit.

  • Direct to

    Power commercial transactions and expand brand affinity. Inside a unique DTC business model, participants consume, personalize & distribute products/services on a brand’s behalf through a purchase, membership or subscription.

  • Demand

    Predict future events, revenue, affinity or other commercial insights by tapping the wisdom of the many. These business models typically include employees, consumers and potential consumers or a combination of all three.

  • Creative
    talent pool

    Leverage the talent of your consumers, fans and creative communities to design and validate your marketing materials and creative assets. The results are far more cost effective, with higher relevance and better social performance and amplification than traditional methods.

  • Innovation

    Tap innovative participants from existing social channels/communities to develop a better performing product and service portfolio. Reduce the market and production risk through participative insights, ideas, market testing and co-creation.


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